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    Best Invention and Patent 星空娱乐app下载安装

    A patent for an invention issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office gives property rights to the inventor. There are many different types of patents that protect different types of inventions, but they all must satisfy the following requirements: the invention must be novel, the invention cannot be too obvious, and the invention must be clearly explained and documented.

    A patent and invention service company can help you figure out if your idea is marketable and get you on track to secure the patent or trademark you need. However, some of these companies charge exorbitant prices and have a low success rate, meaning you may end up investing a lot of money into an idea without ever seeing a return on investment. Be sure to carefully screen any patent or invention company before sending money or signing a contract of any kind.

    Profile picture of Michael Nranian
    by Michael Nranian Invention and Patent 星空娱乐app下载安装 Expert

    Compare Top Invention and Patent 星空娱乐app下载安装

    For Sale by Inventor
    Read 336 Reviews

    For Sale by Inventor works with inventors and companies to help patent, design and sell inventions. Partnered with Walmart, Sears and Amazon.com, they offer quick and inexpensive methods to help any invention come to life.

    Visit Website Toll free number (855) 345-3728
    Read 339 Reviews

    InventHelp provides patenting services for customers who have unique product ideas. They also assist inventors with marketing their ideas to other businesses; prototype models are also available.

    Visit Website Toll free number (888) 683-4332
    Read 1,732 Reviews

    Davison has years of experience marketing original inventions to popular retailers, such as K-Mart, PetSmart, Sears and more. They offer a free information guide online and have numerous trade shows throughout the year.

    Visit Website Toll free number (800) 544-3327
    Read 102 Reviews

    Invention星空娱乐app下载安装 offers extensive assistance to their customers, working with them to develop their ideas into feasible products. They help with every step of the process, from design to marketing to retail.

    Visit Website Toll free number (888) 844-2002
    Mars Rising Network
    Read 56 Reviews

    The Mars Rising Network has helped first time inventors and experienced inventors protect, develop and market their ideas since 2007. They offer patent services, licensing services, 3D animation, production/promotion and more.

    Innovative Licensing
    Read 20 Reviews

    Innovative Licensing has been in business for over 20 years, helping inventors design and patent their ideas. They offer assistance with obtaining patents and selling inventions, as well as all other aspects of the process.

    Read 66 Reviews

    TeleBrands was founded in 1987 as a retail product promoter. It has launched many products under the name As Seen on TV, which are sold via infomercials or retail partners. Inventors can also submit ideas on TeleBrands’ website.

    IDEA Design
    Read 148 Reviews

    IDEA Design Studio offers design analysis, manufacturing services and more. They offer many technologically advanced services, including computer-aided design software with 3D solid modeling and high production CNC machinery.

    Thoughts to Paper
    Read Reviews

    Thoughts to Paper offers patent and trademark services to small and large business owners. They offer fixed rates on their professional filing services, so consumers have no surprises when it comes to pricing.

    Docie Invention & Patent Marketing
    Read Expert Review

    Docie Invention & Patent Marketing has been in business since 1976, offering patenting and other invention services to entrepreneurs for over 30 years. They offer free resources and a free evaluation via their website online.

    Not sure who to choose?

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      What to look for in an invention or patent service

      What technical experience does the service offer?

      Some invention and patent services specialize in particular product types, industries or services. Be sure that you research the company and any attorneys or other service providers that it partners with to verify that it is experienced and qualified enough to meet your needs.

      • Field of experience: Look for patent services that work with attorneys who have experience in the exact field of your invention. It is important to know that they have experience developing and marketing products that are similar to yours.
      • Former clients: Find out whether the service has worked with clients in your field, and ask for a list of successful former clients to serve as references. Some companies will say that this information is confidential or legally protected, but this is a red flag that might indicate the company does not have a successful track record.
      • Attorney characteristics: All attorneys who work with patent service companies must have some kind of technical experience to pass the bar exam, but some have more specialized experience than others. Look for a company that works closely with a patent or trademark attorney who has a clear record of success.

      How much does the service cost?

      Patent costs vary from company to company, but it’s a good idea to try to get an accurate estimate of the costs up front. Companies that will not provide a fee schedule up front are more likely to pile on unexpected charges throughout the process.

      • Itemized charges: Depending on what you are using the service for, you may be charged a fee to have your idea assessed, research patents in related industries, file for a temporary patent, file for a permanent patent, prototype your product, develop marketing materials and more. You might also be charged for things like securing your contract with the company or paying lawyer or court fees. All of these fees can add up fast; ask for a complete list of all of the charges associated with the service before signing anything or submitting your idea.
      • Billing: Does the service bill by the hour or have a standard fee for filing? Find out exactly what you are billed for and when.
      • Price cap: Some patent services set a price cap, which can ensure you don’t get any big surprises when the bill comes.
      • Low prices: Most patent services charge rates that are within a 20 percent range of each other. Extremely low rates can be a sign of problems with a service.

      How big is the company?

      Companies of all sizes can file successful patents. But depending on the type of your invention, you might prefer to work with a large patent services company vs. a small company or vice-versa.

      • Nature of invention: Big companies will likely spend less time writing a patent, but will have more people review it. On the other hand, small companies will often offer more personal attention.
      • Guidance: Smaller companies are likely to offer more guidance. But if you already understand the patent process for inventions, you might be better off with a large company that offers more resources.
      • Client load: Find out how many clients the firm is working with currently. Most qualified services should be working with at least one or two new clients every few weeks; major firms secure around 5–10 patents each month.

      What is the company's success rate?

      One of the best ways to evaluate a patent service is to investigate the company’s success rate. It’s not always easy to find this information, but it is a valuable measure of a company’s worth.

      • Number of patents: Ask the company for names and patent numbers for all the patents they have helped inventors secure in the last several months. A good company should at least have 2-4 secured patents a month, preferably more.
      • Success rate: Ask your contact at the company what percentage of their clients are able to secure a patent. This can help you get a feel for how likely it is that your idea will be patented. Also, ask what percent of the products they have marketed have seen a significant return on investment.
      • Major retailers: Ask for a list of clients’ products that have been picked up by major retailers. Many companies will list these on their website, but be sure to ask what percent of the clients they represent have seen products picked up by major retailers.

      Does the company work with attorneys?

      To patent an invention, you have to file legal paperwork. Some patent and invention service companies do not secure patents, leaving you to find an attorney on your own, which will add to your expense.

      • Attorneys on staff: The most convenient type of invention service company will have attorneys on staff who specialize in patent law. These attorneys can complete and file all your paperwork for you.
      • Partner attorneys: Some patent service companies work with certain attorneys as their partners and share their profits with the attorney. Be sure that any relevant attorney fees are included in your quote.
      • No attorney: Companies that do not have an attorney on staff or do not outsource work to attorney partners will not be able to help you secure a patent. They may be able to help you learn about the process and conduct market research to see if your idea is actionable, but you will have to secure a patent on your own.
      Label星空娱乐app下载安装 nameLogoContactSummary
      Best OverallInventHelp(888) 683-4332 Visit website
      • Online application
      • 星空娱乐app下载安装 for inventors and corporations
      Label星空娱乐app下载安装 nameLogoContactSummary
      Runner-UpDavison(800) 544-3327 Get a Free Quote Visit Davison.com
      • 60 offices nationwide
      • Unique model for keeping ideas confidential
      Label星空娱乐app下载安装 nameLogoContactSummary
      Runner-UpInvention星空娱乐app下载安装(888) 844-2002 Get Started
      • Submit invention online or over the phone
      • Network sells to thousands of retailers

      Types of invention and patent services

      Full-service company

      Full-service patent companies offer marketability testing, patent searches, legal patenting services, marketing to retailers and more. They work with inventors from idea conception through retail sales.

      Individual service company

      Some companies specialize in one or two aspects of the invention and patent process. For instance, a company may help with prototyping or marketability research.

      Referral service

      There are many services that connect inventors with patent service companies for a fee. These may be helpful if you need extra guidance.

      When to use an invention or patent service

      When you have invented a product

      Anyone who invents a new, non-obvious and useful process, machine, article of manufacture, composition of matter or improvement of any of these items can apply for a patent.

      When you have invented a design

      Anyone who invents an ornamental design that is nonfunctional, new and non-obvious can apply for a patent.

      When you have produced plants

      Anyone who successfully produces a new plant variety can apply for a patent.

      When you have an idea but need help developing a prototype

      Patent laws do not require that you have a prototype of your idea in order to file for a patent, but you must be able to describe it or diagram it well enough that others could make and use it.

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        Invention and patent service expert reviews


        Established in 1984, InventHelp assists inventors with submitting their inventions and product ideas to the industry. They help inventors package their ideas, provide a patent referral and then submit the ideas to companies who are looking for new products. Their patent referrals have resulted in over 9,000 patents.

        Read More

        Davison is a leading invention services company that has been in business for almost 30 years. Davison's team of over 250 employees works with inventors who don't yet have a fully developed idea. Products developed by Davison have sold in over 1,000 stores, and they secure an average of seven store placements for new products every month.

        Read More
        For Sale by Inventor

        For Sale by Inventor helps inventors, new and established, get on the fast-track to launching their products. They work with both inventors wanting to market their inventions and companies looking for the right inventions to sponsor for sale. With a fully licensed legal team and an extensive combined background in marketing and sales, For Sale by Inventor delivers excellent service to both sides of the coin.

        Read More
        Mars Rising Network

        Mars Rising Network offers inventors everything they need to turn their idea into reality, including patent services, assistance with invention design, licensing services, market promotion, prototyping and manufacturing. They also offer specialty services, including 3D animation video production, 3D design and prototyping and web/SEO services to help inventors and investors get a feel for how their product will look and function. Invention submission is easy, free and confidential.

        Read More

        Invention星空娱乐app下载安装 is an invention and product marketing company that helps inventors and entrepreneurs through the invention and patent process. Headquartered in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, Invention星空娱乐app下载安装's services are ideal for inventors who want to avoid a “buy before you try” service or people who are looking to have marketing assistance with their invention.

        Read More
        IDEA Design

        Idea Design Studio is an invention firm that helps inventors with designs, development, production and marketing so they can turn their idea into a marketable product. They have been helping inventors turn their ideas into reality for over 10 years.

        Read More
        Thoughts to Paper

        Thoughts to Paper is an intellectual property and new product consulting service that works with individuals and small businesses to file for patents. It offers a range of services that are ideal for first-time inventors who are interested in trying things out with a flat fee.

        Read More
        Docie Invention & Patent Marketing

        Founded in 1976, Docie is one of the oldest and most experienced patent service providers. Docie was founded by Ronald Louis Docie, Sr., the author of The Inventor’s Bible. Docie's services are ideal for first time inventors who are cautious about spending money on patent services and inventors looking for a company with a history of success.

        • Free evaluation: Docie will evaluate your invention or idea for free to see if it’s worth pursuing. If they decide to sign you on as a client, they will offer you a list of services to choose from.
        • Experience: Docie's 40 year history in the invention services industry gives them a lot of experience and a reliable track record. They have a solid history and a great success rate.
        • Marketing services: Docie conducts market investigation to see whether there are other products like yours on the market and conduct a demographic analysis.
        • The Inventor's Bible: Docie was founded by Ron L. Docie, Sr., the author of The Inventor's Bible. This book walks readers through the invention process, with information on protecting your idea, patenting, selecting a manufacturer and more.
        • Best for: people who have invented something, people who have invented a design and people who have reproduced new plants.

        Idea4Invention.com is a patent service company that specializes in connecting inventors with patent companies to help them develop and patent their ideas. It offers itself as a “one-stop site” to help inventors connect with patent companies, prototype companies, marketing experts and more. Idea4Invention.com is best for people who need assistance with the entire process of patenting their inventions.

        • Partner companies: Idea4Invention.com connects users with their partner companies, including Davison, Invents 星空娱乐app下载安装, Lonestar Patent 星空娱乐app下载安装 and World Patent Marketing.
        • Prototypes: This company can help you find a prototype company to build a model of your idea, which may make it easier to market.
        • Simple process: Simply fill out an information request form at Idea4Invention.com indicating what type of invention you've created, whether or not you have a patent and prototype, and your contact information and you will receive a list of companies that may be able to help you with your idea.
        • Website information: Ideas4Invention.com features informative articles, invention tips, success stories and more.
        • Best for: people with ideas for new products.

        InventionIdeas.org is a patent and invention services referral company. It works with several invention companies to connect inventors with service providers that may be able to help them bring their ideas to fruition.

        • Free invention kit: Those who want information on aspects of inventing such as whether an idea is patentable, how to conduct a patent search and how to apply for a patent can download the free Invention Kit. Simply provide your contact information and a bit of background information on your invention idea to download the kit.
        • Informative website: InventionIdeas.org provides articles on many aspects of invention and patenting, and can be helpful for new inventors to learn more about the process.
        • Partners with invention companies: InventionIdeas.org partners with several invention companies including Idea Design Studio, Inventionland and Invents 星空娱乐app下载安装. They will refer you to a company that best fits your needs.
        • Best for: people who have invented something.
        Innovative Licensing

        Innovative Licensing & Promotion Inc. is an Alberta, Canada-based patent agency. Founded in 1999, this company has almost 20 years of experience helping inventors navigate the patent process and licensing.

        Read More

        Compare Top Invention and Patent 星空娱乐app下载安装

        Read Expert Review

        Idea4Invention offers help to inventors, from the beginning of the process to the very end. Their services include invention assistance, prototype assistance, marketing assistance and patenting assistance.

        Read Expert Review

        InventionIdeas offers a wealth of information for inventors. Their website has lots of resources available, including patent research, patent application assistance, business plans and invention company information.

        by Michael Nranian Invention and Patent 星空娱乐app下载安装 Expert

        Michael Nranian, a licensed patent attorney, has over 30 years of experience in product development, intellectual property, patent litigation, legal and technical compliance, and product liability litigation.

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