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    3. Furniture Stores

    Best Furniture Stores

    More companies than ever are selling furniture, and picking the right vendor is even more important than choosing between oak and walnut. Taking the time to research furniture stores before you buy can help you protect your investment and ensure you're satisfied with your purchase.

    Compare Reviews for Top Furniture Stores

    Read 1,604 Reviews

    Membership is required to access this virtual clearinghouse’s wholesale prices on furniture, appliances, electronics and more. Shipping rates and return policies vary by products’ manufacturers.

    Toll free number (219) 319-1128
    Ashley Furniture
    Read 3,702 Reviews

    This furniture store chain has pieces for living and dining rooms, bedrooms and 星空娱乐app下载安装 offices at showrooms and online. Some items come with free shipping and qualify for a limited lifetime warranty. Sofas start at around $400.

    Guardian Protection Products
    Read 804 Reviews

    Offers protection plans that cover wood, leather and fabric components of furniture and mattresses. Also provides a selection of furniture care products to keep your furniture clean and polished with pricing starting at $12.

    Visit Website
    Read 4,812 Reviews

    Offers an extensive online selection of over 10 million items supplied by 10,000 partners. Find furniture and furnishings, from décor and accents chairs to beds and beds for pets. Pricing for sofas starts at less than $300.

    La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries
    Read 6,892 Reviews

    Large collections of classic and modern recliners, sofas, chairs, loveseats and accents. Reclining chairs start at $499. Free sample swatches and financing available. Purchase online or through authorized retailers.

    Pottery Barn
    Read 1,265 Reviews

    Shop this multi-channel retailer in-store, online and via mail-order catalog. Offers free design services, military discounts and financing for qualified customers. In-星空娱乐app下载安装 installation available in some locations.

    Rooms to Go
    Read 2,168 Reviews

    Offers an opportunity to shop online for furniture and furnishings in room setting fashion. It showcases elegantly packaged products under popular specialty brands at affordable prices at 150 stores and showrooms.

    Read 1,603 Reviews

    The largest furniture store in the world offers functional 星空娱乐app下载安装 products at low prices. Browse at 37 locations in the United States or online through their mobile site. Delivery rates vary. Assembly is typically required.

    Bob's Discount Furniture
    Read 1,663 Reviews

    National furniture store offers a large collections of furnishings for 星空娱乐app下载安装s and commercial spaces. Available at over 100 stores in 16 states and online. Copenhagen beds start at $299. Financing options available.

    P.C. Richard & Son
    Read 2,573 Reviews

    Offers appliances, electronics, 星空娱乐app下载安装 furniture and fixtures within the Northeast Region. Provides free shipping on orders $49 and up with installation services for big-ticket items. Offers two extended warranty options.

    Not sure who to choose?

    Take our two minute quiz to find the right Furniture Stores for you.

      Where to buy furniture

      Some stores specialize in certain décors, such as modern or traditional furniture, and matching your preferences with the store can ensure you don't waste time while shopping. For instance, a high-end furniture manufacturer might have the coffee table designs you’re looking for but not carry the best furniture for small spaces. The best online furniture stores offer a wide selection that is easily sortable for comparing pieces.

      Knowing what to expect before you walk into a store or start online furniture shopping can make your purchasing decision easier. Typically furniture stores can be described in one of five categories: specialty, warehouse membership, lifestyle, manufacturer branded and online.

      • Specialty furniture stores: These stores focus on one type of furniture, e.g. office or patio furniture.
        • Best for interior designers and customers who already know what they want.
      • Warehouse membership furniture stores: Get wholesale discounts for an upfront sign-up fee.
        • Best for utility and commodity shoppers.
      • Lifestyle furniture stores: One-stop shops where you can find everything from tables to linens and lamps and other décor.
        • Best for DIYers looking for easily "hackable" items like bookcases or dressers that can be used in nontraditional ways.
      • Manufacturer branded furniture stores: These stores specialize in just one brand of furniture and may offer extended warranties, cleaning or service plans.
        • Best for luxury buyers who consider their furniture an investment. Options are more limited, but it's easier to find exact matches in color or finish.
      • Online furniture stores: Furniture stores that only conduct sales online can often afford to sell items at lower prices because of the reduced overhead costs.
        • Best for cost-savvy shoppers always looking for a bargain (and always reviewing refund and exchange policies).

      Get the best price on furniture

      Always look for discounts and special offers when you’re browsing furniture websites. Buying several pieces of quality furniture at once may qualify you for package discount. For example, when you buy a bedroom set, it might come with the bed frame, nightstand, dresser and chest of drawers, all at a single, lower price point than the items would be if you bought them separately. You may also see special offers during holidays and storewide sales.

      Get more for less
      • Look for package deals
      • Watch out for hidden fees
      • Shop during off-seasons

      Watch out for hidden service fees, including delivery charges, shipping and handling fees or processing fees if you're applying for store credit. If you want to match existing upholstery or order replacement cushions, there could be a fee for this type of service.

      The quality and materials used to manufacture furniture can play an important role in pricing. For instance, solid wood pieces tend to go for more than pressboard and plastic construction. How long you intend to keep your piece of furniture and how it will be used will determine when you want to invest in a better quality piece of furniture and when it is fine to spend less on a lesser quality piece.

      Shop during off-seasons to find great deals on quality items. The best places to buy cheap furniture will have their own sales schedules, but a general guideline is that indoor furniture is least expensive during the late spring and early summer, while outdoor furniture is least expensive during the late summer and early fall seasons.

      Where to buy cheap furniture

      If you’re looking for the best places to buy furniture on a budget, you’re already on the right track—online discount furniture stores will often have the best furniture deals. Nice cheap furniture is only a few clicks away.

      Stores like IKEA may have some great deals, but you could pay more for shipping and handling. Direct Buy has tons of cheap quality furniture available at wholesale if you join their membership. Hayneedle has lots of great options and runs frequent sales, promotions and discounts.

      hayneedledirect buyikea
      Shipping feesFree on orders over $49Set by manufacturer$9–$59+
      Financing available
      Return policyMost items can be returned with 30 daysVaries by itemReturn anything within 1 year for a full refund
      Customer satisfactionRead reviewsRead reviewsRead reviews
      MembershipShipping feesFinancing availableReturn policyCustomer satisfaction
      Free on orders over $49Most items can be returned with 30 daysRead reviews
      Set by manufacturerVaries by itemRead reviews
      $9–$59+Return anything within 1 year for a full refundRead reviews

      Other tips to find affordable furniture

      Try not to get too hung up on brand names. You could find something you love at cheap furniture stores with words like “discount” or “value” in their names. Sometimes the best furniture deals are found at thrift stores and garage sales, where you could find unique, one-of-a-kind items that you could never find for the same price at a more traditional furniture retailer.

      If you’re a DIYer, you’re sure to find real treasures that just need a little crafty refurbishing to look great in your 星空娱乐app下载安装. You might find a gorgeous armchair that only needs to be reupholstered, or turn a vintage trunk into a coffee table.

      What matters most when furniture shopping?

      Price, quality, selection and delivery services are the key features to consider when buying furniture. Even if a retailer has quality furniture in your budget, it still won’t be the best furniture store without a good selection of pieces and white-glove delivery services.

      Furniture price

      How much a piece of furniture costs has a critical influence on if most people will buy it. Keep in mind, though, that the price of a piece or set of furniture doesn't always correlate with the furniture's quality. The best “cheap” furniture stores still offer quality pieces of furniture and décor.

      You may be able to find low prices on quality pieces of furniture by strategically planning when and where you will shop.

      Furniture quality

      The quality and materials used to manufacture furniture play a significant role in pricing. How long you intend to keep your piece of furniture and how it will be used should determine when you need to invest in a better quality piece of furniture and when it’s fine to spend less on a lesser-quality piece. For instance, solid wood pieces tend to be priced higher than pressboard and plastic construction, but you’re paying for quality that will last.

      Furniture fabrics like cotton and linen tend to resist fading and piling, and wool fabric can be extremely durable. Some synthetic fabrics like microfiber, acrylic, olefin and rayon also make for great upholstery. How the fabric is created can affect the quality as well—velvet, for example, could look nice at first but will be difficult to clean and maintain.

      You should also examine the stitching and hardware on a piece of furniture before you buy it. Chances are, if you notice problems or defects there, the whole piece will be of shoddy quality.

      Leather furniture also ranges drastically in quality. In fact, only about a third of the world’s leather supply is suitable for upholstery. You should look for full-grain or top-grain leather and avoid bonded or bi-cast leather if you want your piece to look nice for years to come.

      Furniture selection

      Remember, you live with your furniture and interact with it every day. Find pieces that match your personality.

      • Color and finish: Sometimes a different finish can make all the difference, so look for a furniture store that carries multiple versions of pieces in-store or has samples of varying upholstery and furniture finishing options. Many furniture stores can custom order pieces of furniture to match particular shades if the color you want is not housed in their in-store inventory.
      • Upholstery fabrics: A different furniture fabric or pattern can also completely change a piece's look, and some stores let you pick from hundreds of fabric options so you can get just the right one.
      • Custom furniture: If you have an awkwardly shaped space or need to accommodate the basketball player in the family, furniture stores that offer customized sizing or custom-made furniture can be a decorating lifesaver. When ordering custom-built furniture, delivery is not just a matter or shipping times. Wait times can be considerable, and a delay at the factory could set an order back weeks, if not months.

      Furniture delivery service

      Having your furniture delivered can save you time and frustration, especially if you don’t have a large vehicle or the strength to move heavy furniture yourself. Understanding a store's delivery options can help you narrow down the store you choose to buy from. Here’s what to consider:

      • Time: Estimated shipping times can vary from a few days to a few weeks. Wait times on imported or hand-crafted furniture are measured in months, so you may have to decide whether or not an item is worth the wait.
      • Cost: Some stores offer free shipping with a minimum purchase, and some items might have an extra fee based on weight. It's not unusual for furniture stores to charge extra for delivery, but prices vary widely.
      • Delivery radius: If you are buying locally, this usually isn't a problem, although some stores might charge additional fees after going a certain amount of miles. If ordering online, check the delivery area before spending hours shopping—not all stores deliver nationwide.
      • Curbside delivery: In some cases, furniture is only delivered to the curb and you’re responsible for getting it into the house. Check the terms before you finalize your purchase. You may be able to add assembly service on to your delivery order.
      • White glove service: Some retailers offer white glove service, which includes delivery and assembly, though you may be charged extra. Ask about your options when placing an order, as you may not be able to add white glove service after your order has been processed.
      • Haul away: When your new furniture is delivered, you might need to figure out what to do with your old stuff. Some retailers might include free or low-cost haul-away services, where they take away the old stuff for you when they replace it with the new.

      Furniture stores FAQ

      Where can I find cheap furniture?
      You can find cheap furniture online and at brick-and-mortar stores in your area. You may also want to consider buying furniture online from discount stores, which typically have reasonably priced furniture all year long.
      How can I get discounted furniture?
      You can get discounted furniture by looking for:
      • Seasonal and holiday sales
      • Outlet stores
      • Floor displays and returned items
      • Reconditioned or used items
      • Special savings for store cardholders
      What month has the best furniture sales?
      There are great furniture sales around Christmas and Thanksgiving, especially during Black Friday sales. February and March tend to be the slowest times for furniture stores, so you may be able to get better deals during those months.
      How can you tell the quality of furniture?
      You can determine the quality level of a piece of furniture by inspecting it closely. Poor-quality furniture will show defects in workmanship and creak, twist or wobble more. Look at areas where different pieces connect to spot any flaws.
      Can you negotiate with furniture stores?
      Yes, you can negotiate at furniture stores. The furniture market is notorious for its markups, so you have room to haggle. When it comes time to negotiate, try working another piece of furniture or free delivery into the deal.
      What is the most durable sofa fabric?
      Though it’s not a fabric, leather is the most durable sofa material. A leather sofa can last four to five times as long as a fabric sofa. If you want a less expensive sofa that’s still going to have a long life span, consider one made with microfiber or canvas, which are two strong fabrics.
      What is the most popular sofa style?
      Three-seat sofas are the most popular style of sofa. They come in a variety of fabric choices and colors. Sectional sofas, which are made from separate pieces and can be arranged in various ways, are also popular sofas for living rooms.
      What is included in a bedroom suite?
      A bedroom suite usually comes with:
      • One bed with headboard
      • One dresser
      • One mirror
      • Two nightstands

      Not all bedroom sets come with two nightstands or a dresser, so be sure to read the product description’s listing of contents carefully so you know if it’s right for your bedroom.

      Not sure how to choose?

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        Expert reviews about top furniture brands

        Cymax Stores USA

        Members can conveniently browse thousands of furnishings for commercial offices, restaurants and bars, plus churches and temples. Their wide selection makes it easy to navigate many products very quickly.

        Read More
        La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries

        This furniture manufacturer best known for their signature recliners also offers chairs, sofas, sectionals, bedroom, kitchen and dining room furnishings. Shop online or at third-party retailers across the United States.

        Read More

        Launched in 2002 as hammocks.com, this company has since expanded into one of the largest online retailers of 星空娱乐app下载安装 furnishings, décor and office furniture from over 3,000 brands, in addition to products by their in-house brand.

        Read More
        Arizona Leather Interiors

        The largest specialty leather furniture store in the U.S.A. offers over 100 distinct furniture designs, 40 different leathers and 400 color options. Shop online or in-store at locations in Arizona, New Mexico and California.

        Read More
        One Kings Lane

        Browse expertly curated collections of luxury 星空娱乐app下载安装 furnishings and décor online or at a flagship store in Manhattan. Membership is required for purchases. Collections are clearly organized and easy to navigate.

        • 星空娱乐app下载安装: Design specialists in-house for consultation services.
        • Shipping: Free standard shipping on orders over $100.
        • Delivery: White glove or to-the-door delivery services available in the continental United States.
        • Returns: If an item qualifies for a return, shipping and restocking fees will apply. Items marked Vintage are not eligible for refunds or exchanges.
        Jackson Furniture Industries

        Find quality sofas, recliners, sectionals, lift chairs, sleepers, accent chairs, cocktail ottomans exclusively at authorized retailers. Most items can be ordered in customized colors and fabrics.

        Read More
        GBS Warranty 星空娱乐app下载安装

        GBS provides mattress and furniture protection services to over 200 mattress and furniture retailers across the United States. The company also manufactures sleep products under the brand names of Healthy Sleep Cool-Tech and Healthy Sleep Ultra-Tech, which include temperature regulating blankets, pillows, sheets and mattress protectors. GBS offers three levels of furniture protection plans: premium, premium with power, and premium with power, mechanisms and frames.

        Read More

        DirectBuy is a membership online furniture store that uses concierge-style consultants to make sure you find exactly what you’re looking for.

        Read More
        Huffman Koos

        Online retailer with galleries in New York and New Jersey. Wide selection of quality furniture, with customizations available. Customizable upholstery. All major credit cards accepted.

        Read More

        This e-commerce retailer for 星空娱乐app下载安装 furnishings has brand partnerships with Joss & Main, AllModern, Birch Lane and Perigold. Shopping app is easy to use.

        Read More
        Guardian Protection Products

        Guardian Protection Products was founded in 1977 and is owned by RPM International Inc., which produces specialty coatings and sealants. Guardian offers furniture protection plans in addition to several furniture protection products for consumers.

        Read More
        Simplicity Sofas

        This retailer sells furniture directly to customers and specializes in furniture for small spaces. Popular items include couches, chaise sofas and sectionals. All frames are solid oak with 3 cushion construction options.

        Read More
        Jennifer Convertibles

        Shop living room, bedroom, dining and office furniture online or at 星空娱乐app下载安装 Store locations in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Specializes in sofa beds.

        Read More

        Wide selection of designs that are both accessible and affordable. The company is continuing to franchise locations, and there are entire websites that are devoted to how to use their furniture in your 星空娱乐app下载安装.

        Read More
        Ashley Furniture

        A large selection of affordable quality designs. Shop online or in one of their 600 stores across the United States.

        Read More

        Browse indoor and outdoor 星空娱乐app下载安装 furnishings and décor online or at stores across the United States. Free design services and credit cards rewards are available.

        Read More
        Raymour & Flanigan Furniture

        Selections for dining rooms, 星空娱乐app下载安装 offices, and kids’ bedrooms, plus mattresses, 星空娱乐app下载安装 décor and rugs. Family owned and operated for more than 60 years.

        Read More
        American Signature Furniture

        American Signature Furniture stores are concentrated mainly in the Eastern half of the country. The company offers traditional furnishings, as well as 星空娱乐app下载安装 décor accessories and outdoor furniture.

        Read More
        Restoration Hardware

        Restoration Hardware prides itself on being at the cutting edge of trends and technology in the furniture industry. The company mainly caters to luxury buyers offering a curated collection of historical reproductions and updated classics.

        Read More
        Ethan Allen

        For over 80 years, this company has offered furnishings for living and dining rooms, bedrooms and offices, plus outdoor, lighting, rugs and décor.

        Read More
        Brass & Burl

        New York-based luxury furniture retailer specializing in a curated mix of antique and modern styles of 星空娱乐app下载安装 décor and furniture.

        Read More

        Compare Reviews for Top Furniture Stores

        Aaron Rents
        Read 1,102 Reviews

        The lease-to-own offer is an enticing feature that lets customers enjoy comfort without breaking the bank. Featured items are traditional and contemporary furniture, functional appliances, electronics and recreational items.

        GBS Warranty 星空娱乐app下载安装
        Read 253 Reviews

        This furniture and mattress protection company works with retailers across the US to provide three tiers of furniture protection plans along with protection for adjustable beds, area rugs and outdoor furniture.

        Read 354 Reviews

        Features an extensive selection of quality kitchenware from elegant tabletops and exquisite pots and pans to BBQ sauces and rubs. It has partnered with popular brands to make shopping in style at its 230 stores a reality.

        West Elm
        Read 389 Reviews

        Offers 星空娱乐app下载安装 furniture and furnishing choices that strike a balance between aesthetics and affordability. Products are handcrafted from organic and sustainable materials. Pricing of a Stella Mid-Century Loveseat starts at $799.

        Modern Line Furniture
        Read 85 Reviews

        Creates custom looks for hotels, restaurants and other commercial settings. Furniture is modular by design and made in the U.S. Lounge seating ranges from $1,000 to $6,000, and bar stools start at $50. Some items available online.

        Read 1,139 Reviews

        Sort by style and category when you shop online for 星空娱乐app下载安装 furnishings. Fulfillment centers deliver products of over 3,000 brands, including their own, at discounted prices nationwide. Sofas start around $300.

        City Furniture
        Read 353 Reviews

        Provides south Florida and beyond with top name brands with sustainability in mind. Specializes in mattresses and bedroom furniture, with mattress sets starting at $300. Products for the entire 星空娱乐app下载安装 available in store and online.

        Macy's - Furniture
        Read 614 Reviews

        Features dining room sets, 星空娱乐app下载安装 décor and lighting, kitchen appliances and accessories, kitchenware and tableware, bed and bath essentials under hundreds of brands. Prices for Martha Stewart comforter sets range from $50 to $240.

        Value City Furniture
        Read 357 Reviews

        Affordable furniture for all parts of the 星空娱乐app下载安装, in styles from traditional to contemporary. Full bedroom sets start at $1,000. House brands produced in the U.S. with optional 5-year warranties. Shop in store or online.

        Nebraska Furniture Mart
        Read 271 Reviews

        Sells furniture, grills, exercise equipment and more. Partners with more than 5,000 suppliers and delivers to 47 states. Their low-price guarantee refunds 110 percent of the purchase price if you find a lower price elsewhere.

        Read 1,112 Reviews

        Shop for furniture, appliances, computers and electronics by brand with flexible rent-to-own options at more than 3,000 stores operating in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.

        Jackson Furniture Industries
        Read 446 Reviews

        Furniture retailer that designs and manufactures comfortable and durable Catnapper recliners, sofa, sectionals, chairs and more. Products are distributed and sold by 2,500 independent dealers in the US.

        Badcock 星空娱乐app下载安装 Furniture and More
        Read 271 Reviews

        Stores around the Southeast offer affordable furniture, appliances and electronics in a variety of southern and timeless styles. Five piece bedroom sets start at $500, with options for all ages. Financing available.

        Mathis Brothers Furniture Stores
        Read 111 Reviews

        Offers everyday low prices instead of seasonal sales. Choose from 10,000 products, including dining sets from $400-$6,000. Available for pickup or in-星空娱乐app下载安装 delivery from four locations in Texas, Oklahoma, California and Arkansas.

        Ethan Allen
        Read 437 Reviews

        Specializes in timeless and luxury furniture for all areas of the 星空娱乐app下载安装. Offers company-designed pieces, with dining tables and sets starting at $1,300. Some products available for immediate shipping across the U.S.

        Raymour & Flanigan Furniture
        Read 579 Reviews

        Offers free design service to craft furniture in a style that matches your needs, taste and budget. It is one of the largest furniture retailers serving the Northeastern US with an extensive catalog and significant Web presence.

        Cymax Stores USA
        Read 1,814 Reviews

        One of the largest online furniture stores featuring living room sofas and sectionals, kitchen and dining furniture and office desks, chairs, tables and cabinets. A Lifestyle Solutions Hartford Microfiber Loveseat sells for $375.

        Restoration Hardware
        Read 409 Reviews

        Sells luxury items for the entire 星空娱乐app下载安装 as well as outdoor furnishings, lighting and textiles. Customizable designs. Items like media centers and dining sets start at $2,000. Products available online. Members receive discounts.

        Crate and Barrel
        Read 125 Reviews

        Provides luxury lifestyle brands and products for every part of the 星空娱乐app下载安装. Offers eclectic and architectural products ranging in price from $50 to $5,000. Online design tools available, with free in-store pick up for most items.

        American Signature Furniture
        Read 221 Reviews

        Shop in store around the country or online for modern to traditional 星空娱乐app下载安装 furniture, accents and mattresses. No money down financing available. Sofas starting at $350 and sectionals starting at $700.

        Kane's Furniture
        Read 532 Reviews

        A traditional furniture shopping experience with a coastal vibe. Outdoor furniture sets start at $400. Offers a low-price guarantee. Stores serve the area of central Florida. Some items available for purchase online.

        Havertys Furniture
        Read 224 Reviews

        Offers items for every room in a variety of styles. Products for both the 星空娱乐app下载安装 and office available, with desk sets starting at $900. Items can be bought online or in-store. Customers can also utilize professional design services.

        Jennifer Convertibles
        Read 945 Reviews

        Offers a wide range of essentials and accessories for every room in the 星空娱乐app下载安装 at low prices online or in-store. They also have clearance centers in New York and New Jersey. Financing is available.

        Huffman Koos
        Read 436 Reviews

        Offers indoor furniture in many styles, from classic to chic. Both fabric and leather furniture available, with sofas starting at $850. Stores are located in New York and New Jersey, with many items available for online purchase.

        Read 52 Reviews

        Focuses on the latest trends and must-have items for all areas of the 星空娱乐app下载安装. Offers both affordable and high-end design options. Bedroom sets are $650-$3,000. Free shipping for purchases over $49 to the U.S. and Canada.

        Bassett Furniture Direct
        Read 317 Reviews

        Offers artisan and custom furniture for the entire 星空娱乐app下载安装. Specializes in wood furniture built to last in timeless styles. Wood beds start at $1,000, with matching chests and wardrobes starting at $800. Some items available online.

        The Room Place
        Read 156 Reviews

        Offers total room furnishing. Fully coordinated room sets designed by professionals. Five-piece bedroom sets start at $500 for queen size. Serves customers in store throughout Illinois and Indiana, as well as online.

        England Furniture
        Read 42 Reviews

        Offers living room furniture in contemporary, casual, country, rustic, traditional and transitional styles at a moderate price point. Products made in the U.S. and available at furniture retailers across the country.

        Arizona Leather Interiors
        Read 55 Reviews

        Custom, luxury leather furniture designed in traditional to ultra-modern styles. Over 100 designs available in various colors and types of leather. Sold in stores in the Southwest U.S. Financing available for certain products.

        Klaussner Furniture
        Read 61 Reviews

        Makes and sells indoor and outdoor furniture in multiple finishes and styles. Offers seating, leather furniture and bedding. Focuses on fast delivery and making custom orders simple. Products sold at stores across the country.

        Brass & Burl
        Read 20 Reviews

        Offers luxury items from the industry’s top designers. Stylists select high-quality indoor and outdoor products seasonally. Designer beds $575-$8,000. Custom orders available. Select items available for shipping around the U.S.

        Slumberland Furniture
        Read 93 Reviews

        Offers furniture, mattresses and decor for all parts of the 星空娱乐app下载安装 in a variety of styles from traditional to modern. Bedroom sets start at $350, and king size mattresses start at $250. Online shopping and free delivery available.

        Hampton Bay Patio Furniture
        Read 509 Reviews

        Offers outdoor living products in a variety of styles and materials. Five-piece patio sets start at $280, and sectionals start at $400. Can be picked up in 星空娱乐app下载安装 Depot stores nationwide or ordered online from Amazon.

        Regency Furniture
        Read 63 Reviews

        Supplies Washington, D.C. area with premier retail furniture for the entire 星空娱乐app下载安装. Living room sets start at $900, and entertainment centers start at $470. Shipping available to Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

        Farmers Furniture
        Read 144 Reviews

        Has stores across the Southeast. Offers indoor furniture in a variety of functional styles. Mattresses, accents and appliances also available. Holds seasonal sales and offers in-store financing on most items.

        Martha Stewart Outdoor Furniture
        Read 1,632 Reviews

        Brand offers outdoor living items in timeless styles. Items include patio seating, dining and accents in several patterns and colors. Sets start at $450. Products available at major outdoor box stores and through online retailers.

        Courtyard Creations
        Read 104 Reviews

        Brand features modern styles designed for outdoor spaces of any size. Products include dining sets, outdoor sofas, outdoor sectionals and tables. Patio sets available for under $300. Sold at major retailers and online.

        Furnitureland South
        Read 86 Reviews

        Large showroom in Jamestown, North Carolina offers over 500 name brands with a low-price guarantee. Shoppers can use personal design experts in store, and some items are available for purchase online. King beds start at $800.

        Read 137 Reviews

        Name brand provider of traditional furniture for the living room, bedrooms, dining room and kitchen. Offers custom seating options at a variety of price points. Products available at retailers around the country.

        UV3 MasterGuard
        Read 33 Reviews

        Furniture and 星空娱乐app下载安装 item care brand. Provides maintenance and care beyond that of a typical retail plan. Offers products to care for leather, fabric and wood furniture, as well as moving materials and kitchen cleaning items.

        American Furniture Galleries
        Read 40 Reviews

        Provides Northern California with discounted furniture at four store locations. Offers items in several name brands for all rooms in the 星空娱乐app下载安装, as well as outdoor living spaces. Full entertainment centers start at $1,000.

        Thomasville Furniture
        Read 101 Reviews

        Offers a mix of classic and modern styles for the bedroom, living room, 星空娱乐app下载安装 office and kitchen. Also offers cabinetry for the kitchen and bath. Products can be viewed and customized online and found in stores around the country.

        Simplicity Sofas
        Read 80 Reviews

        Offers handcrafted sofas, sectionals and other seating options. 星空娱乐app下载安装 specializes in furniture for small apartments and tight spaces. Orders can be customized. Apartment sofas start at $1,650, and delivery is available.

        One Kings Lane
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        Launched in 2009 by two female entrepreneurs. Focusing on 星空娱乐app下载安装 décor, this curated deal site is for consumers to shop, get inspired, find their favorite 星空娱乐app下载安装 and lifestyle brands, and discover new ones.

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