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    Best Car Dealerships

    Although most auto dealers provide the same kind of services, they differ in the make of vehicle they sell, the specials they offer and the financial options they provide. Today, people can easily find a dealership that provides the specific make and model they are interested in within a reasonable distance from their location. Automotive dealers have on-site options people should consider when purchasing and maintaining their vehicle. It’s important for consumers to compare options before deciding on financing and getting their vehicle serviced or repaired.

    Compare Reviews for Top Car Dealers

    Read 6,464 Reviews

    DriveTime’s corporate office is located in Phoenix, Arizona with 143 dealerships nationwide. With over 500,000 vehicles sold and over 11,000 vehicles available, it helps consumers with credit issues find a reliable used vehicle.

    Visit Website Toll free number (888) 418-1212
    Off Lease Only
    Read 2,543 Reviews

    OffLease Only was formed in 1992 in Long Island, New York. The business was moved to Florida in 1997, and with six locations across Florida, OffLease Only offers consumers a wide selection of used cars and used car financing.

    Visit Website Toll free number (833) 263-2533
    Bev Smith Kia
    Read 575 Reviews

    Bev Smith Kia is located in Fort Pierce, Florida with nine new and used dealership locations across the state. Expanding since 1946, it offers a full selection of services including financing and servicing departments.

    Visit Website Toll free number (772) 465-8589
    J.D. Byrider
    Read 1,474 Reviews

    Founded in 1989 and headquartered in Carmel, Illinois, J.D. Byrider has been selling used cars for over 25 years. Today, its 167 dealerships across 34 states have sold over 1 million vehicles.

    Major World
    Read 206 Reviews

    Major World offers new and used Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep models across multiple dealerships in the New York City surrounding area. It provides a full range of services including financing and vehicle servicing.

    Visit Website Toll free number (718) 937-3937
    Read 841 Reviews

    CarMax’s no-haggling online car buying site also has 200 physical locations nationwide. Strict selection means only a small collection of high-quality cars make it onto the site. Extended service plans and financing are available.

    Auto Expo
    Read 194 Reviews

    Auto Expo was established in 1999 and provides customers across New York with pre-owned luxury vehicles. Customers can browse its extensive inventory online before traveling to the dealership.

    Visit Website Toll free number (800) 818-7003
    Read 719 Reviews

    Carfax is famous for its exhaustive vehicle history reports on used cars. Consumers can shop used cars and know the history behind every one. The company works with 28,000 dealers and has millions of cars available.

    Bonham Chrysler
    Read 136 Reviews

    Located in Bonham, Texas, Bonham Chrysler services the McKinney, Sherman and Paris, Texas areas with new and used Chrysler cars, trucks and SUVs. It offers in-house financing, parts and service and multiple special offers.

    Read 337 Reviews

    Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, AutoNation is a Fortune 500 company and America’s leading provider of new and used vehicles. It has over 290 vehicle franchises across 15 states and has serviced over 10,000,000 customers.

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        What features matter most in an auto dealership?

        What kind of inventory do dealerships offer?

        Vehicle inventory is the main reason consumers choose a particular dealership when looking to purchase a vehicle. Most dealerships will typically open at a location that can service large cities and their surrounding areas, as well as focus on selling one to three vehicle brands. New vehicle dealerships receive vehicles from a licensed manufacturer under a franchise agreement.

        • New vehicles: Most dealerships have an inventory of hundreds of new vehicle models to choose from. Dealerships are the best option for consumers looking for variety, both in model and vehicle features.
        • Used vehicles: Unless the dealership specifically sells only used vehicles, most new vehicle dealerships sell pre-owned and certified pre-owned vehicles in addition to their new-car stock. Certified pre-owned vehicles are vehicles that have gone through manufacturer testing to ensure they still meet original requirements.
        • Online inventory: Almost all dealership websites include an online list of their inventory. Inventory lists are typically categorized into new and used sections and have multiple filters that can be applied such as price range, make, model and features.

        What kind of financing options do dealerships have?

        The majority of consumers who are buying a car are going to need to finance their purchase. Most auto dealerships have on-site financing departments available with multiple, competitive options to choose from. In the event someone finds a better interest rate at another financial institution, most dealerships will work with them to provide the proper paperwork to keep the buying process moving. Used car dealerships are more likely to offer financing to buyers with poor credit.

        • Pre-approval: Interested buyers can visit a dealership’s website and fill out an online application to get pre-approved for a loan. This is a quick way to get a quote for consumers who are comparing the dealership’s financing options with their bank or other financial institutions.
        • Financing options: Auto dealerships offer multiple financing options to try to stay competitive with banks and other financial institutions. Interested buyers can check online for available financing options or call the number provided for the dealership's finance department. It is a good idea to compare a dealership’s interest rates with those of a bank or other institution.
        • Financing specials: Many dealerships offer financing specials, incentives or rebates on their website. Interested buyers should ask about competitive interest rates, cash-back rebates, loyalty programs and bonus cash programs.

        What do dealership service centers have to offer?

        When the time comes to get their car serviced or repaired, vehicle owners usually have two choices: A local repair shop or an auto dealership. Most large dealerships have an on-site service center for regular maintenance and repair needs. Some dealerships even have a collision center that does body work on vehicles that have been involved in an accident.

        • Manufacturer qualified mechanics: Auto dealerships employee mechanics that have received specialized manufacturer training for working on the make of vehicle that is sold at the dealership. Manufacturer training is also offered to the service department’s support staff, including service managers and advisors.
        • Service relationship: Consumers who get their vehicles regularly serviced with their dealership can build a relationship with the service department, allowing them to better track a vehicle's service history. People can get specific service time frames and accurate diagnostic information from a dealership’s service center.
        • Warranties: Another advantage of an on-site dealership service center is the fact that they honor manufacturer and extended warranty coverage, free of charge, as opposed to a local repair shop who could charge a deductible.

        What online features to dealerships provide?

        An auto dealership’s website is great to look over before visiting the dealership in person. Interested buyers can find information on inventory, pricing, vehicle features, financing options, daily specials and more. Vehicle owners can even schedule service appointments or order parts online.

        • Schedule service: Vehicle owners can visit a dealership’s website and schedule a time for their vehicle to be serviced. The online scheduling process typically involves filling out the vehicle's make, model and year; the type of service needed; and picking an available time slot on the dealership’s calendar.
        • Loan applications: Many dealerships offer interested buyers the opportunity to apply for a loan online. They can fill out an application that includes their contact information, vehicle request information and social security number. Consumers should make sure the website is secured by looking for an encryption lock icon.
        • Online shopping: Auto dealerships typically have their new and used inventory online. Customers can search by make, model, body style, year and price range and look at multiple photos of each vehicle along with a list of features for each one. Interested buyers can chat live with a representative from the dealership and ask them any questions that come up while they are browsing.

        What are the different types of auto dealers?

        New vehicle dealer

        New vehicle dealers sell new vehicles under a franchise agreement with a licensed manufacturer or distributor. Most new vehicle dealerships are placed in an easily accessible and easily seen location.

        Used vehicle dealer

        Although many new vehicle dealers sell both new and used vehicles, other dealerships focus solely on selling pre-owned and certified pre-owned cars, trucks and SUVs. Used vehicle dealers are more likely to value and accept a trade-in vehicle and offer no-haggle pricing.

        Who needs an auto dealer?

        People looking to buy a new vehicle

        Consumers looking to purchase a new vehicle can find a dealership that carries the brand they want. Most dealerships have hundreds of cars, trucks, vans and SUVs to choose from.

        People looking to buy a used vehicle

        Almost all dealerships that sell new vehicles have an inventory of pre-owned and certified pre-owned vehicles available for purchase. Some dealerships specialize in only stocking pre-owned vehicles, which can be certified or not.


        Families with multiple children will most likely find the wide selection of SUVs and vans available at dealerships helpful. Auto dealer employees can inform parents about any child-related safety features and technology options in a particular vehicle like airbags, car seat hookups and television screens.


        Some companies purchase fleet vehicles such as multi-passenger vans or luxury full-size cars to have on hand for employee business trips or everyday company use.

        Compare Reviews for Top Car Dealers

        CarHop Auto Sales and Financing
        Read 243 Reviews

        Headquartered in Edina, Minnesota, CarHop has multiple locations across the United States selling used vehicles of various makes and models. Consumers can check online for financing qualifications.

        America's CAR-MART
        Read 181 Reviews

        America’s CAR-MART was established in 1981 and is headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas. It has over 143 locations across the United States that offer used vehicles at affordable prices.

        Read 179 Reviews

        Once famous just as a magazine, Autotrader now boasts an extensive online car buying site. A smart search engine finds the best deals from commercial dealers and private sellers.

        Planet Honda
        Read 64 Reviews

        Located in Union, New Jersey, Planet Honda boasts one of the ten largest Honda dealerships in the nation. Along with new and pre-owned Hondas, it provides customers with financing and a full-service body and maintenance shop.

        La Mesa RV
        Read 184 Reviews

        La Mesa RV began as a single dealership in 1972. It has since grown to include dealerships in California, New Mexico, Florida and Arizona. La Mesa RV sells a wide variety of new and preowned RVs and trailers.

        Parker Toyota
        Read 37 Reviews

        Parker Toyota got its start in 1983 in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Since then, they have been offering customers with new and pre-owned Toyotas, financing and full-service options.

        Quirk Ford
        Read 40 Reviews

        Quirk Ford services the greater Boston area with new and used Ford vehicles. Customers can utilize their service department for parts and routine maintenance as well as multiple financing options.

        eBay Motors
        Read 179 Reviews

        eBay Motors sells cars, trucks, motorcycles and other vehicles. You can bid on cars or buy them at a set price, just like on the traditional site. Satisfaction ratings help show which sellers are best.

        Read 38 Reviews

        LeaseTrader.com provides consumers with third-party information to help them find deals, dealers and vehicles. Consumers can also list a vehicle on Leasetrader.com by creating an online account.

        B&B Automotive
        Read 263 Reviews

        B&B Automotive has been helping people with challenging credit get a dealer-certified used vehicle for over 25 years. Located in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania, it has over 250 vehicles in its inventory to choose from.

        DCN Hyundai
        Read 158 Reviews

        DCN Hyundai (formerly Brad Benson Hyundai) sells new and pre-owned vehicles to car buyers in Monmouth Junction, NJ. Ask about their special financing offers for new college graduates and members of the military.

        Russ Darrow Group
        Read 67 Reviews

        Russ Darrow Group was established in 1967 and is located in West Bend, Wisconsin. Today, it offers Chrysler cars, trucks and SUVs across 16 locations in Wisconsin.

        Sunrise Toyota
        Read 30 Reviews

        Sunrise Toyota has been servicing Oakdale, New York and its surrounding areas for over 30 years. It has a wide range of new and pre-owned Toyotas, as well as financing and a full-service maintenance facility.

        David Stanley Dodge
        Read 78 Reviews

        David Stanley Dodge services Oklahoma City and surrounding areas with new and used Jeep, Chrysler and Dodge vehicles. Consumers can visit their website for specials and financing options.

        Interstate Auto Auction
        Read 33 Reviews

        Interstate Auto Auction has held over 1,000 public car auctions online or in Salem, New Hampshire since 2000. It has sold over 60,000 cars worldwide, offering significantly lower, wholesale prices for major makes and models.

        Plaza Auto Mall
        Read 69 Reviews

        Located in Brooklyn, New York, Plaza Auto Mall has an inventory of new and used cars from multiple brands, including Hyundai, Honda, Acura, Toyota and Kia. Customers can view and apply for financing options online.

        Kia of St. Cloud
        Read 47 Reviews

        Kia of St. Cloud provides new and used Kia’s to Waite Park, Elk River and Brainerd, Minnesota. It offers consumers with financing options regardless of credit and a full-service shop for any maintenance needs.

        Sansone Auto Network
        Read 63 Reviews

        Sansone Auto is located in Avenel, New Jersey and offers an inventory of new and used vehicles from multiple brands including Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, Mazda and Jeep. Interested buyers can apply for financing on their website.

        Quirk Chevrolet
        Read 41 Reviews

        Quirk Chevrolet services the greater Boston area with new and used Chevy vehicles. Customers can utilize their service department for parts and routine maintenance as well as multiple financing options.

        Read 43 Reviews

        Drivehere.com offers customers an inventory of pre-owned vehicles and affordable payment plans. It specializes in providing consumers who have poor credit the opportunity to receive a car loan.

        Bob Rohrman Auto Group
        Read 40 Reviews

        Bob Rohrman Auto Group offers new and used vehicles from multiple makes and models across Indiana and Illinois. Interested consumers can check online for specials and financing options.

        Rick Case Honda
        Read 21 Reviews

        Rick Case Honda is located in Davie, Florida and provides surrounding areas with new and pre-owned Honda vehicles. Their website is an easy way to view inventory, schedule service, get a quote or find daily specials.

        Honda of Ocala
        Read 38 Reviews

        Honda of Ocala provides the city of Ocala, Florida and surrounding areas with new and used Honda cars, trucks and SUVs. Customers can browse inventory, schedule maintenance and view financing options online or in the dealership.

        Pars Car Sales
        Read 48 Reviews

        Pars Car Sales services the Atlanta area with pre-owned vehicles. It welcomes consumers who have troubled or no credit and will work with them to find a financing option that will work for their situation.

        Paul Blanco's Fresh Start Credit Program
        Read 163 Reviews

        Paul Blanco services California with a large variety of vehicles that include almost all major makes and models. It works with over 120 specialized banks to get customers the financing they need.

        Atlantic Auto Mall
        Read 59 Reviews

        Located in West Islip, New York, Atlantic Auto Mall offers pre-owned vehicles from multiple makes and models. Interested consumers can check out their full inventory and apply for financing online.

        Yonkers Auto Mall
        Read 66 Reviews

        Yonkers Auto Mall is a pre-owned car dealer and full-service dealership servicing the Westchester, Bronx and White Plains, New York area. Consumers can utilize their online finance calculator to value a trade-in vehicle online.

        Richard Lucas Chevrolet
        Read 38 Reviews

        Richard Lucas Chevrolet has been servicing Woodbridge, New Jersey and surrounding areas for over 90 years. They provide a wide range of Chevy cars, trucks and SUVs, as well as financing options and full-service shops.

        Statewide Auto Sales
        Read 29 Reviews

        Statewide Auto Sales is headquartered in Sun Valley, California and has been providing customers with luxury vehicles for over 37 years. Along with competitive pricing they offer financing and warranties for all vehicles.

        Bay Ridge Honda
        Read 17 Reviews

        Bay Ridge Honda provides Brooklyn, New York and surrounding areas with an inventory of new and used Honda cars, trucks and SUVs. Interested buyers can check out financing options, specials and a full inventory list online.

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